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Bye bye Bush, what remains now is to say bye bye to his politics…

The American voters have sent George W. Bush back to his Texan ranch. A CNN enquiry reveals that eight years of presidency have turned George W. Bush into the most unpopular president of all times. No wonder millions of people should be yearning for change.

By Peter Mertens
Workers Party of Belgium
November 11, 2008

America has voted for change. In the American dream, a few reach the top of the ladder while hundreds of thousands tumble down. Since the beginning of the the year, no less than one and a half million Americans have lost their jobs. Over a million people have been evicted from their homes… Jobless, without a home, without access to social security. A huge popular movement has been set in motion with a view to helping the common man and not the Wall Street bankers (especially at the time of opposition to the first Paulson plan).

America has voted for change. So far, 4,190 coffins containing the remains of American soldiers have come back from Iraq. Thirty thousand more servicemen have been badly wounded. One million Iraqis have been killed. To date the war has cost 3 trillion US dollars. Eight million houses could be built with such an amount … and a roof could be provided to all of those who are currently having to survive in makeshift camps around the big cities. As we speak, the wars waged against Iraq and Afghanistan cost an average American household 25,000 euros (32,000 dollars).

America has voted for change… for the abolition of anti-union legislation, union bashing, the persecution of popular movements. Bush has set up the worst Big Brother State ever…. with laws that allow almost unrestricted spying, the ability to lock up people without due process…. and, at international level, the systematic violation of the Geneva Conventions, the secret abduction and detention of prisoners by the CIA in Europe, the absolute illegality of Guantanamo, the use of torture in the Abu Ghraib prison and elsewhere.

America has voted for change. And this has been made possible thanks to, among others, the union movement which has been struggling for employment, for social security and for its own right to exist….Thanks to the important anti-war movement that has been establishing itself since 2001…. Thanks to all the other popular movements which have been struggling against the crisis, against racism, against repressive legislations, etc… Bye bye Bush !

Labor and civil society movements are the true force behind the drive for change, the only force which will allow us to put an end to Bush’s politics.

Change will not come from the White House. Change will not come from the neo-liberal economic advisors recovered from the Clinton era such as Rubin, Summers and Volcker. Change will not come from big banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, which have invested massively in the Obama campaign (much more than in McCain’s). Change will not come from the advisors in uniform who are getting Obama to state that the USA have to leave Iraq in order to come to the assistance of the war in Afghanistan.

The only driving force that can bring about a break with the politics of Bush is the very nation which has stood up as one to say « no » to Bush. On 4 November, the people rejected McCain and supported Obama. Today, they will have to show themselves as critical as possible as far as Obama is concerned. Against the resolution he has taken to assume ''the right to unilateral military intervention”…. Against his resolution to demand that Europe get more involved both financially and militarily in the war in Afghanistan.

Now that we have said goodbye to Bush, the time has come to break with Bush’s politics. We are confident that the unions and the various popular movements will not give up their mobilisation…. that they will not rely on the White House for the drive for change… and above all that they will continue to take their fate in their own hands against the Wall Street bankers, against all the managerial lobbies and against the military establishment. This will be all the more necessary during the forthcoming period of recession and economic turmoil.

Peter Mertens
President of the PTB
Wednesday, 5 November 2008.


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