International Declarations

The following are political declarations that have been jointly signed by various parties and organizations around the world. These declarations are from the International Communist Seminar, held annually on Mayday in Belgium, hosted by the Workers Party of Belgium.  The Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a signatory of all of the following statements and declarations.

2011 Resolution in solidarity with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization against new McCarthyism
2009 On the Student Movement in the United States, by Josh Sykes (June 2009) - FRSO's contribution to the 2009 International Communist Seminar in Belgium (Spanish | Español)
2007 Resolution in support of undocumented workers in the United States, International Communist Seminar, Brussels, May 4-6, 2007
2007 Communiqué: 16th International Communist Seminar successfully held in Brussels, May 4-6, 2007
2007 List of Participants and Observers at the International Communist Seminar, Brussels, May 4-6, 2007
2007 Against the Occupation, for the Resistance: For a Just Peace in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine
2006 General Resolution of the 15th International Communist Seminar, Brussels, 5-7 May 2006
2006 Communiqué from the 15th International Communist Seminar in Brussels: Unity among communists benefits from historical analysis and exchange of concrete experiences
2002 Economic Crisis and the Crisis of Imperialism (2002 General Resolution)
2002 Resolution for a Proletarian Internationalist Campaign Against the U.S.A.-Led Imperialist War of Global Terrorism
2002 Resolution against Zionist and imperialist aggression in the Arab world
2002 Resolution calling for the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US military forces from the Philippines
2002 Resolution about political prisoners in Nepal
2002 Declaration of support for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

2001 On the 40th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, Support to the Cuban Revolution
2001 Resolution on Solidarity with the Palestinian and Arab Peoples
2001 For the Reunification of Korea Without Foreign Interference
2001 Resolution of Support to the Struggles of the Peoples of Africa and of the Peoples of Guadeloupe, Guyane and Martinique
2001 Solidarity with the Political Prisoners in the Fight Against Imperialism, in Turkey and the Rest of the World

2000 Resolution about the People’s Liberation Struggle in Colombia
2000 Resolution of Support to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
2000 Resolution in Support of Mumia Abu-Jamal
2000 Resolution on Justice for Leoncio Pitao and all Political Prisoners in The Philippines
2000 Resolution for Solidarity with persecuted Antifascists of the German Democratic Republic

1999 1999 Declaration of the International Communist Seminar
1999 Imperialism Means War An international call for a world-wide anti-imperialist front


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