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Internal Developments

2014 FRSO Seventh Congress, 2014 Documents from FRSO's Seventh Congress, 2014
2010 FRSO Sixth Congress, 2010 Documents from FRSO's Sixth Congress, May 2010
2007 FRSO Fifth Congress, 2007 Documents from FRSO's Fifth Congress, May 2007
2007 FRSO Program: Class in the U.S. and Our Strategy for Revolution One section of FRSO's Program, adopted at FRSO's Fifth Congress, May 2007
2007 FRSO Program: Immediate Demands for U.S. Colonies, Indigenous Peoples, and Oppressed Nationalities One section of FRSO's Program, adopted at FRSO's Fifth Congress, May 2007
2005 Freedom Road Socialist Organization: 20 Years of Struggle statement on the 20 year anniversary of the initial founding of Freedom Road in 1985
2004 FRSO's Fourth Congress, 2004 Documents from FRSO's Fourth Congress, May 2004
2001 FRSO Unity Statement updated at 2001 Congress
2001 Main Political Report from Freedom Road's 2001 Congress

2001 FRSO's Third Conrgress, 2001 Documents from FRSO's Third Congress, May 2001
2000 Summation of Recent Developments in FRSO A collection of various documents that shed light on recent developments in FRSO. (Last updated Feb. 2000)
1999 Public Statement Regarding the Situation in The Freedom Road Socialist Organization(June 1999)
1997 FRSO Strategy The Congress Strategy guides FRSO's political work. This document was created through the process of democratic centralism held at the highest decision-making body, the FRSO Congress of November 1997. The two main decisions of the Congress were to further develop FRSO as a Marxist-Leninist organization and to deepen the line and practice concerning the National Question within the U.S.



Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States. This website contains information about our organization, our politics and some of our activities in the people's movements.
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